About: The 5x1000 is an income-based calculated fee you can donate to organizations or associations like ours that carry out voluntary activities.

When: At the time of submitting your tax return you can choose whether to donate this fee. The contribution is entirely spontaneous on your part.

It’s free: There are no additional charges for allocating your 5x1000 to InYourShoes. Your share would in any case be withheld by the Government, but by consciously donating the 5x1000 you can donate at no cost.

How: It's very easy. Just enter our tax code 96404530584 in the section “Support for non-profit organizations of social utility” on your tax return.

Why: Your contribution represents a fundamental aid and an indispensable form of support for associations like ours. It's our main source of funding for projects in developing countries.

Donate your 5x1000, your signature means giving effective help to sports communities. Every single pair of shoes we can donate is potentially the future
of a person in need. Don't underestimate the importance of a simple gesture, the smallest contribution can change a person’s life.

T.C. 96404530584
Dona il tuo 5x1000