Join the IYS expedition team

Come and see the results of your donation!
Every year we offer the possibility to join the Expedition Team. Being an active part of this adventure is something unique and an experience that will stay stuck in your heart forever.

Over the years InYourShoes has built a special relationship with the people of Iten who now consider us as a part of their community. This gives us a unique point of view on that reality and the possibility to experience the African Culture in an extraordinary way that nobody else, as a normal tourist, can do.

Joining the IYS Expedition Team means living a 13 day adventure to lead the success of the project, living side by side with the fastest runners of the planet, sharing their daily routine with them and getting deeply in touch with the people we have been supporting for years.

Send us an email at to submit your request to join the Expedition Team, we will be happy to give you all the information you need to come with us and write history.

“On November 2017 I went to Kenya because I thought it would have been an amazing experience, but I was wrong, it has been a trip beyond imagination. I discovered not only the beauty of African landscapes but also the real joy in the eyes of the guys when I gave them my running shoes. For them, they were not just shoes, they were the key to achieve all their goals and dreams.

All the stories and emotions I felt, are something I will never forget. I will always be saying that going to Kenya and be part of the InYourShoes project was the best gift I could ever give to myself”

Federica, IYS Expedition 2017

“When I first heard Francisco talking about the expedition in Africa, I suddenly thought it was a beautiful thing I wanted to be a part of. It was before a run, and I kept thinking about it the whole workout. Little did I know that my perspective on life would change so much after going to Kenya to bring the same shoes I used to run that day, with other hundreds, to the athletes of Iten. It made me touch by hand how people truly connect, they become something that is greater than the sum of individuals.”

Giulia, IYS Expedition 2018

My experience with InYourShoes has been, quite simply, one of the best experiences of my life. In Kenya I left a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to have a chance to go back. Meeting the people and seeing that land will change your perspective on life.”

Nat, IYS Expedition 2018

“I took off to Kenya with five almost-strangers, having only one common thing. We had the same goal to bridge the dreams between continents, through used running shoes. Within two weeks, strangers became friends; The kind of friends who drive me crazy, then make me so inspired. In Iten, we witnessed so many amazing things spending time with the young athletes, such as their busy hands making Chapati for us, and their busy legs at 6am fartlek training. We were guests to them one day, and soon we were all friends. To this day, I feel incredibly lucky getting to meet the inyourshoes crew and all the beautiful souls and their dreams in Iten. To me inyourshoes was a blast, and it was a blessing.”

Yeonjae, IYS Expedition 2019