Share your IYS story with us

Your story is what really transforms running shoes into talismans containing the strength of spirit and the motivation that helped you to not give up in your toughest hours.

Sharing the story behind your shoes with us means creating a bond and an emotional thread between you and the athlete who will receive your special gift. It is a sign of love that connects the hearts of people separated by continents, who might never physically meet but who will remain tied together by the shared meaning of their daily struggles.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to have a strong story, on the contrary, ordinary people are the ones who struggle the most to achieve their goals.
You can tell us about your first running achievement and what it represented for you. You can tell us how running helped you during a tough moment of your life, or how it changed your life. Watch “Testimonial” section to understand the meaning of IYS stories sharing.

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